International Student Admission

At VUIM our goal is to provide a clear and transparent application process for all prospective students, including international prospects. International students seeking admission to VUIM should begin the processes as soon as possible as Visa processing in the US is currently complex and time consuming.

International students seeking admission to VUIM should also read the following information about their unique requirements carefully:

  • VUIM may admit international students into the MSA and MSOM programs at this time
  • Prospective international students must provide evidence of proof of funds, this can be from personal funds or other support. A statement of funds from a financial institution no older than three months is required, as well as a statement of financial support affidavit when funding is not from the individual seeking admission. This statement must show evidence of at least 25,000 US dollars.
  • Proof of English Proficiency (See program requirements for details)
  • Third-party course by course evaluation of each foreign degree by an approved NACES or AICE member (other reputable evaluators may be approved at the discretion of the Dean of Enrollment Management)
  • Transfer students from another US institution must complete a transfer form at VUIM and the school they are transferring from, as well as provide copies of previous Visa, I-94 and I-20’s to VUIM admissions staff
  • A copy of the passport will be required