Clinical Internships

We believe and understand that becoming a successful healer are the goals for VUIM students and our clinical structure and supervision will help turn that lofty goal into a reality!

Practical skills performed in the patient clinical encounter requires the requisite knowledge learned in the didactic portion of the MSOM curriculum but is transformed into dynamic clinical skills through VUIM’s comprehensive clinical internship program.

There are three levels of clinical learning and skill development in the program:

Through the observation / mentorship level, clinicians-in-training learn the basics of clinical conduct and develop a high degree of comfort within the clinical setting.  They observe on Practitioner (P) shifts, where they are led through the clinical encounter by supervisors who treat patients and explain the process of performing the patient intake, development of the diagnosis, and treatment options.  The total portion of clinical training is 200 hours with pure observation.

At upper level observation levels, Supervisors slowly integrate clinicians-in-training into the clinical encounter by allowing them to engage in supervised activities with patients (performing parts of intakes, point locations, diagnosis discussion, etc.).  All of their clinical activity is heavily supervised and critically examined as this training is crucial for the next part of clinical skill acquisition.  This part of skill development happens in the latter stages of the above 200 hours.

At the three Intern levels, clinicians-in-training graduate up to the Intern level and participate in Intern (I) shifts where they are now responsible to lead the clinical encounter.  At this point, intake and diagnostic skills are at levels where they conduct full interviews and diagnose on their own.  All of their work is monitored by top supervisors who will check and confirm all diagnoses before working with the interns on treatment development.  Interns learn the important skills needed to perform clinical treatments for their patients but also develop important skills of patient rapport and patient retention.  Level one requires 400 clinical hours with 20 hours of case studies; level two requires 200 hours with 20 hours of case studies; and level three requires 200 hours with 20 hours of case studies.

By completing these three levels of clinical skill development, VUIM graduates transition from student to practitioner at the very highest level.

VUIM’s 990 hour clinical training program provides our clinicians-in-training to graduate with competency and skill in total patient care, communication and compassion, professional conduct, skill in acupuncture and herbal medicine, and safety measures.