Course Name: History of Eastern Medicine
Course category: Integrative medicine
Required Textbook1: Who Can Ride the Dragon? : An Exploration of the Cultural Roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (1995). Zhang, Y.H. and Rose, K. (1995). Brookline, MA: Paradigm Publications. ISBN 978-0912111599 Buy New Book Price: $24.95
Required Textbook2: A Short History of Medicine. (2007). Gonzalez-Crussi, F. New York, NY: Modern Library. ISBN 978-0679643432 Buy New Book Price: $24.95
Required Textbook3: In the Footsteps of the Yellow Emperor: Tracing the History of Traditional Acupuncture. (2007). Eckman, P. San Francisco, CA: Long River Press. ISBN 978-1592650743  Buy New Book Price:$17.83